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Psychodynamic Counselling

The term ‘Psychodynamic’ is used to describe the psychological energy and characteristic of the human mind and has over the years been applied to a wide range of therapeutic approaches.

The term ‘Counselling’ implies, in its modern usage, a task which incorporates a range of skills, from listening to enabling change, and from empathic understanding to active participation in facilitating insight.

In the past, counselling was designed to address problems which the individual was unable to live with or resolve without help. This entailed a series of meetings between counsellor and patient during which they would focus on a specific difficulty. This approach relied heavily on the patient’s ability to verbalise confusion and distress and required the counsellor to focus primarily on the conscious material provided.

Over the years, as learning and collective experience increased, a new awareness began to emerge. The indications were that whilst many people could be helped by receiving appropriate attention and regard, a substantial number of these were helped only in the short term. This suggested that the depth and efficacy of the work of the counsellor was conditioned by the inability to address the deeper layers of the human psyche which was, until recently, regarded as the province of psychoanalysis.

Too often students find themselves struggling with the sophisticated demands of combining psychotherapy skills with counselling skills and may be inclined to regard psychotherapy as superior to counselling. In the same way, trainee counsellors may become enmeshed in a refusal to incorporate the important aspects of working with unconscious material and so remain wedded to the notion that the presenting problem is not influenced by hidden conflict.

To this end the Manor House Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling has developed a training programme which is designed to provide the student with a sound working knowledge of the relationship. This is done within a holding environment which enables the student to explore confidently the transference relationship and the working alliance between counsellor and patient. The term patient (from the Latin pati to suffer, to endure) rather than client, is used to convey, more accurately, the emotional dis-ease of those seeking help.





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