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The Manor House Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling
80 East End Road,
Finchley, London, N3 2SY


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Established in
1985, located in
North London UK,
Training Centre
offers innovative
and comprehensive
Training Courses
and a Counselling Service.

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The MHCPC is mindful of the need to accomodate students at a level at which they are best able to learn.


The MHCPC offers Open Evenings throughout the year which provide an opportunity to meet with graduates or students as well as a Course Tutor, to ask questions and to discover more about the Courses.


MHCPC Course comments:


MHCPC First year student

"First let me say that after completing my first year of the course I realise I have gained form it immensely. Whilst at times it has been extremely taxing both physically and emotionally, I have been rewarded each and every week. On some occasions it has been through new personal insight, on others it has been through a new shared group experience, and there also has been the gaining of knowledge and theory.

I began this course as a somewhat regimented and naïve 27 year old man who saw things in a black and white manner. I believe this course together with my own therapy has brought about a very positive change in me.

It is a clichéd metaphor however; I no longer see the world in black and white but rather a vast spectrum of colour that my eyes are just beginning to see.

If deciding whether or not to join this course be under no illusions it will require, dedication, perseverance, resilience and a big measure of bravery. The rewards have been worth it and even though I have just finished the first year last week, I am already excited for the start of the second year."

Access Course Graduate

MHCPC post graduate comments:

“My main reasons for doing a course in counselling were personal development and the desire to find a more meaningful direction in my life.


Some other training institutions were much less welcoming than MHCPC and seemed more narrow minded in the type of student they would accept.


The MHCPC offered psychodynamic training which was the main factor. Also it's location which was particularly favourable for me particularly as I wanted to be in a training group of people who would be local and so be more likely to provide a support network in the future. I immediately felt comfortable at the open evening and subsequent interview with the Directors.

Completing the MHCPC course has been hugely important in terms of my own personal development and in establishing a firm basis for starting a career in psychodynamic counselling.”


David, London.



“The open day at the MHCPC convinced me I had found the right place to do my training. The 3 years spent at the MHCPC have been incredibly challenging on so many different levels: emotional, practical and intellectual. The quality and depth of the teaching combined with regular therapy have developed my self awareness and have given me skills (an interest in questioning things, the ability to challenge situations, the confidence to rely on my thoughts and perception, the ability to question myself, counselling skills and technique,etc) necessary to practice as a counsellor.


I have no doubt that training as a psychodynamic counsellor was the right decision for me and I am satisfied that the choice of the MHCPC has made it a very vaulable and precious experience.”


Marie, London.





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