New – Diploma in Counselling Supervision

New – Diploma in Counselling Supervision

NEW COURSE FOR January 2019

Dates for 2020 TBC


The Diploma in Counselling Supervision enables qualified and experienced counsellors to acquire the knowledge and competences required to practise as counselling supervisors.

Course objectives include:
To develop an understanding of the supervisory process.
To integrate theory and skills into a working supervisory style.
To develop and refine supervisory skills.
To develop and enhance the professional identity of the supervisor.
To provide a theoretical knowledge base to underpin the supervisory process.

This Course leads to a Diploma in Counselling Supervision. The training fulfils the training requirements for individual supervisor accreditation by BACP. There is a strong emphasis and training in understanding the importance of transferential and counter-transferential issues within the triad of the supervisory process – the supervisor, the supervisee and the patient. Supervised supervision practice is an integral and core element of the course. The exploration of supervision theory and experiential group work are also integral to the training programme. The Course content includes, but is not limited to the following:

– The Supervisor in Context
– Building the Supervisory Relationship
– Good Practice in Supervision
– Enabling the Supervisee to make use of Supervision
– Assessment in Supervision
– Ensuring Standards in Supervision
– Working with a Group in Supervision
– Clinical Caseload Management
– Working with the Supervisee’s Counselling Model
– Working Sensitively within the Supervisory Relationship


Assessment Requirements
– Attendance of 100%
– Self and peer assessment
– Minimum 2,000-word essay demonstrating the student’s in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of supervision.
– Minimum 40 hours of logged counselling supervision practice
– Minimum 10 hours of logged consultative supervision (Supervision of supervision which will take place within the course contact hours

Course Entry Requirements
• Diploma level counselling/psychotherapy qualification, or equivalent
• Supervised counselling/psychotherapy practice for a minimum two years post qualification (supervision must meet BACP requirements of 1.5 hours per month)
• Individual BACP accreditation, or equivalent

Sundays 9:30am – 3:30pm on the following dates:

Sunday 13th January
Sunday 10th February
Sunday 17th March
Sunday 28th April
Sunday 19th May
Sunday 23rd June
Sunday 14th July
Sunday 22nd September
Sunday 13th October
Sunday 10th November


Application Process
Application forms to be sent to no later than Friday 16th November 2018.
A group interview will take place on Monday 26th November 2018 at 7:30pm.
Interview Fee: £50
Please note that places on this Course are limited and applications should be received ASAP to avoid disappointment.

For further information please contact:
020 8371 0180


For course bookings and administrative queries:
Contact: Agnieszka Majewska
Course Administrator
Tel No: 020 8371 0180

For enquiries about the Counselling Referral Service:
Contact: Marie Calvo
CRS Coordinator
Tel No: 020 8371 0180

For all other queries:
Contact: Alex Moss
Tel No: 020 8371 0180


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