Annual Lecture

Annual Lecture

Annual Lecture 2019

Monday 20th May 2019, 8pm-10pm
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Psychoanalytic Thinking on the Unhoused Mind

June M Campbell

“In turbulent times, the most vulnerable in society fall prey to external conditions where containment of their needs, anxieties and fears is barely achievable”.

In this lecture, and drawing on her chapters in a new collection of papers ‘Psychoanalytic Thinking on the Unhoused Mind’ (Ed. Gabrielle Brown, Routledge 2019), June M Campbell reflects on the contribution of psychoanalytic thinking to understanding the dynamics of both physical and psychological ‘dislocations’ in space, taking into account our deeply held notions of what it means to feel ‘at home’. The lecture will be of value to psychotherapists and other mental health practitioners, as well as those working in therapeutic, residential and criminal justice settings and outreach services.


June M Campbell trained in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Scottish Institute of Human Relations and worked for many years as an Adult Psychotherapist in the NHS. Her remit included outreach work in the wider community, including collaborative work with the Edinburgh Housing Department in a pilot project focussed on homelessness in the city. She was also responsible for running the Childhood Sexual Abuse Service at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, which included supporting a wide range of professionals in various community settings. She is a member of the Scottish Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists, and of the London Bi-logic group which studies the theories of the Chilean psychoanalyst Ignacio Matte Blanco. She works in private practice. 


The Annual Lectures began at the MHCPC in 1999. The purpose of the lectures is to encourage persons recognized for scholarship, wisdom, and creativity to undertake serious thought on an issue of significance for the counselling field and to promote the sharing of such thoughts through the public lectures.


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Past lecturers include: Christopher Bollas, Prophecy Coles, Dr Andrew Elder, Nina Farhi, Sue Gerhardt, Lavinia Gomez, Dr Sotiris Zalidis, Neville Symmington (2006), Patrick Casement (2007), Adam Phillips (2008), Doctor Julian Stern (2010), Professor Howard Jacobs (2011), David Vincent (2013), Professor Alessandra Lemma (2014), and Dr Margot Waddell (2016).


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